The Federal Highway Administration wants to hear from vendors of private weather information services that would like to be involved in research on the impact of weather and other natural conditions on intelligent transportation systems.

The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century requires the Department of Transportation to incorporate research on environmental and weather impact in intelligent transportation systems. Part of the project at hand is to define weather information needs of surface transportation users -- especially road users -- that will aid in improved decision making and therefore reduce the negative impacts of weather. The agency must also define state-of-the-art systems involving weather and road-surface condition information. Initial focus will be on highway winter maintenance agencies, but the resulting document will also identify future system research and operational tests to be funded by FHWA.
For more information see the December 20, 1999, Federal Register or contact Paul Pisano, Office of Transportation Operations, (202) 366-1301. The deadline for submitting letters of interest is February 3, 2000.