The Department of Transportation has opened its files on trucking company safety performance to the public.

Anyone with a computer and a modem can go to a DOT website and scan a variety of safety databases, including reports on individual truckers.
The Office of Motor Carrier Safety is offering the public access to these files “in the growing spirit of partnership” among those who want to see truck safety improve, said OMCS acting director Julie Cirillo in a letter announcing the move.
The Analysis and Information Online system, as it is called, offers four kinds of information:
* Safety Status Measurement System (SafeStat), which shows the safety performance of individual companies. OMCS uses SafeStat to determine which companies should be targeted for compliance reviews and roadside inspections.
* Crash profiles, which list accident statistics organized by state.
* Performance measures, which analyzes the effectiveness of roadside inspections and compliance reviews.
* Current performance, which includes recent studies on truck safety.
Right now, the site is at After January 1, the address will be