A new version of the ISR FleetTrack AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) System from Integrated Systems Research offers automatic switching from Cellular Digital Packet Data to the analog cellular network.

The company says this will cut costs because the system switches from CDPD to more expensive analog coverage only when absolutely necessary, such as when vehicles move out of range.
Although CDPD is now available in more than 70 major metro areas, vehicles leaving these areas must then rely on an analog cellular network, which can cost on average about 10 to 20 times more than CDPD for position updates.
ISR says the new system will eliminate the need for fleets to choose between their local CDPD and an analog cellular service.
FleetTrack allows fleet managers to communicate with a specific vehicle simply by clicking on its unique icon, control the location sensors implanted in the vehicle and load or scan vector maps into the system. An entire fleet can be tracked simultaneously. Managers can monitor variables such as speed, refrigeration temperature and door locks in real time.
The system can be run from a notebook computer in a mobile dispatch unit or a PC in a central facility. The standard configuration allows users to track vehicles in real-time or view a playback later. Open architecture allows for easy, low-cost customization. The system is
compatible with most leading radio, cellular and satellite sensors.