Qualcomm and Chinese service provider, Guangdong South Satellite Telecommunications Service Co., Ltd. (SST) have sold the first OmniTRACS satellite-based tracking systems to Chinese fleets.

COSCO and Sinotrans will use the system to help transport equipment through China's inland waterways supporting the Three Gorge National Project.
Qualcomm says China has huge potential for the OmniTRACs system because of the geographic similarities between the Chinese and the North American transport industries.
Its Chinese partner SST is a subsidiary of Guangdong Nanfang Communications Group Corporation and is under the jurisdiction of the Guangdong Post and Telecommunication Administration (GPTA). SST specializes in VSAT telecommunication services that support a wide range of applications in voice, data, facsimile and video transmission, as well as various network interfaces and protocols. The company operates a public satellite network and provides integrated VSAT services to both domestic and international customers.