Truck Brake Systems Co. has released the first half of the year 2000 schedule for its Bendix Air Brake Training School.

The three-day product schools, taught by the company's Customer Technical Support & Development team, are tailored to both new and experienced technicians. Beginning with the fundamentals of compressed air, class coverage includes the description, operation and service of major air brake components of dual air brake systems, as well as antilock braking.
Tuition is $100 per attendee. The class numbers are required to register for the school.
Date, location, and class numbers are as follows: January 10-13, Atlanta, Georgia A-0110; January 31-February 3, Elyria, Ohio E-0131; February 8-11, San Antonio, Texas S-0208; February 29-March 2, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania P-0229; March 6-9, Huntington, Indiana H-0306; March 13-16, Atlanta, Georgia A-0313; March 20-23, Reno, Nevada R-0320; March 28-30, Boston, Massachusetts B-0328; May 1-4, Huntington, Indiana H-0501; May 8-11, Atlanta, Georgia A-0508; May 9-12, San Antonio, Texas S-0509; May 15-18, Reno, Nevada R-0515; May 23-25, Toronto, Ontario T-0523; June 19-22, Reno, Nevada R-0619.
For more information or to register,call 1-800-AIR-BRAKE (1-800-247-2725).