Research Frontiers Inc. has licensed it's new anti-glare mirror technology to Global Mirror GmbH & Co. KG.

Global Mirror will be able to manufacture and sell automatically dimming SPD rear-view mirrors for trucks and other commercial vehicles such as vans, buses, sport utility vehicles and other light trucks, as well as passenger cars, motorcycles, boats, trains and aircraft. The license also restricts new licenses from being granted in the truck mirror original equipment market for a period of time if certain sales targets to the Class 5-8 truck market are met.
Research Frontiers claims the large-area SPD mirrors can change faster than electrochromic mirrors of similar size to combat glare from approaching headlights. Suspended Particle Devices (SPDs) are electrically operated light control devices using proprietary particle suspensions and films. SPD technology permits light transmission to be electrically controlled instantly either automatically by means of a photocell or other sensing or control device, or adjusted manually by the user.
With their virtually instantaneous reaction time, the mirrors can feature "real time" switching in which the mirror can automatically and rapidly adjust to an infinite number of intermediate levels of glare reduction.
Global Mirror operates five manufacturing facilities on four continents which together comprise the world's largest manufacturer of commercial vehicle mirror systems.
SPD technology can also be used for sunroofs, sunvisors, vehicle windows, and dashboard instrument panels and navigation systems.
Devices could include variable light transmission "smart" windows, variable light transmission eyewear (including prescription and non-prescription sunglasses and sports goggles), self-dimmable automotive sunroofs, sunvisors and rear-view mirrors, as well as enabling brighter easier to read flat panel information displays for use in computers, television, telephones and other electronic instruments.
Research Frontiers currently has agreements in effect covering smart windows, automotive mirrors and sunvisors, eyewear, displays and other products with major international corporations and holds or has rights in about 350 patents and patent applications on SPD technology throughout the world.