The Office of Motor Carrier Safety is offering a free, CD-ROM-based English-Spanish training program about the legal requirements for commercial vehicle drivers and others involved in carrying hazardous materials.

The CD-ROM program contains files for the training manual, slide presentations, tests, answer keys and certificates. OMCS also plans to put this hazardous materials training tool on its web site so that the information may be easily downloaded. Targeted users of the program are primarily employees of companies engaged in the shipping and transporting of hazardous materials into and out of Mexico, which has been rising.
You can get a copy of the CD by faxing a request to the Office of Motor Carrier Safety, Southern Resource Center at (404) 562-3704 or the Western Resource Center at (415) 744-2665. Additional information is available from Bill Byrd, national project coordinator, at (202) 366-4111 or e-mail: