Authorities in Spartanburg, SC have started issuing warning tickets to truckers who don't keep to the right two lanes of Interstate 85 between exits 60 and 70.

Fines of $200 will be assessed starting in mid-December.
A similar program started last month in Greenville County between exits 34 and 44, which is from U.S. 29 in Anderson County north to state Highway 20 in Greenville County. Troopers report that drivers are obeying the new rules; only five tickets were handed out during the first week of enforcement, which started Nov. 15. The law took effect Nov. 1, but troopers handed out warnings the first two weeks.
Both programs are part of a one-year pilot project designed to address truck safety and highway efficiency. Transportation Department officials want truckers to stay out of the left-hand lane because big rigs have more blind spots on the right side of their vehicles.
Truckers don't agree, saying the new rules can create a dangerous situation when cars merge onto the interstates and they are unable to move over to let them in.