Truck-rail transport company Triple Crown Services is moving its St. Louis-area terminal and spending $8 million on its new 62-acre facility.

According to a report in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the company is moving out of north St. Louis in Missouri across the river to the two-year-old Gateway Commerce Park at Illinois Route 111 and Interstate 270.
Triple Crown, headquartered in Fort Wayne, IN, says one of the reasons for the move is space. Dave Malone, terminal manager, said the current location at the Luther Rail Yard is very congested. At the old location, there is only room for trains with 75 roadrailers attached. The new location will allow for 250 trailers. Malone also says delivery times will be cut by not having to wait for unloading space.
The company currently uses about 60 truck drivers at its St. Louis facility and is optimistic that number will increase in the future.