Speech recognition technology promises to be a big part of trucking's future, particularly in the cab. But as good as the software has become (and it has become remarkably good), it is not yet perfect.
For example, here are some common trucking terms from the Truck Writers of North America's trucking glossary plus the odd phrase or name as spoken by this reporter followed by the interpretation of a leading speech recognition program and beginning with my personal favorite:
Shipper and consignee -- shipper and consomme
GPS (Global Positioning System) -- cheap PS
The TCA -- the OTC
The ATA -- the 88

Bobtail -- but tell
Bridge formula -- Pretoria
Cartage company -- courage company
Gross axle weight -- recycle wait
Hazmat -- has that
Lift axle -- left tackle
Logbook -- what book
Lowboy -- global
Owner operator -- of our operators
P&D (Pickup & Delivery) -- European
Pedal run -- petal run
PSI (pounds per square inch) -- PS side
PTO (Power Take Off) -- patio
Pup trailer -- but trawler
Runaway truck ramp -- run our truck grandpa
Semi-trailer -- said the trailer
Trip leasing -- trip policing
Consolidated Freightways -- Consolidated freight wages
Arnold Industries -- are low the industry's
Jevic Transportation -- genetic transportation
Finally, for the truckload carrier name C.R. England & Sons, the program returned this eerily apt misinterpretation: "see your in London sounds."