Peregrine Systems says United Airlines has purchased its FleetAnywhere software system for implementation in 39 locations worldwide.

FleetAnywhere is a software system to manage and track maintenance for fleets of cars, trucks, buses and other transportation assets within large organizations. It enables organizations to capture and analyze all costs associated with owning and operating a fleet of vehicles, including equipment tracking, work order processing, preventive maintenance scheduling, parts and fuel inventory and vehicle component warranty costs.
"United Airlines was looking for a new fleet maintenance system to manage over 30,000 equipment units in 39 locations worldwide to replace their existing legacy mainframe system," said Bill Keyworth, Peregrine Systems vice president of product marketing. "FleetAnywhere's ability to grow with United and to allow the addition of new users, locations and equipment, was a strong factor in the selection process."
United's fleet of equipment includes fueling trucks, de-icers, baggage tractors, vans, buses, trucks and baggage carts. United began installation of FleetAnywhere in San Francisco in October, and will roll out the product to 38 other locations worldwide over the next 12 months.