New-York based National Tractor Trailer School has bought a second truck driving simulator.

The TranSim simulator, made by I-Sim Corp., Salt Lake City, arrived last month. The school ordered its first simulator in June.
The TranSim simulator teaches drivers the proper way to shift a variety of transmissions over a wide range of grades while pulling an assortment of loads. It allows a trainer to simulate more than 140 transmissions and over 280 different engines from a variety of manufacturers.
"We have noticed our students, especially those without the benefit of standard transmission experience, adapting more quickly to real-life driving experiences after training with the TranSim," said Harry Kowalchyk, president of NTTS.
In addition, the simulator provides instantaneous miles-per-gallon feedback to drivers and trainers, helping them improve fuel economy through better shifting. Not only can drivers monitor shifting improvement through the TranSim, but they can determine their corresponding fuel savings. Such savings can amount to $40,000 to $100,000 per 100 drivers each year.
Founded in 1971, NTTS is offers courses certified by the Professional Truck Driving Institute of America.