Maine-based Parents Against Tired Truckers has issued a safety advisory to drivers for the holiday season.

"Fatigue is a killer that we can stop," says PATT director Daphne Izer. "Driving after 17 hours without sleep is like driving with a .05 blood-alcohol level. The only way to assure that you stay alert behind the wheel is to get sufficient quality sleep before you start your trip. Don't make this a holiday to remember because someone fell asleep at the wheel and someone you loved will not be here for the next holiday."
Izer says a number of symptoms will tell you if you are fatigued:
• Have you been tailgating?
• Are you changing lanes for no apparent reason?
• Are you having a difficult time maintaining a constant speed?
• Are you braking for no apparent reason?
"If you recognize these and other symptoms of fatigue, it's time to take a break," she said.