Kinetic Computer Corp. of Billerica, MA, has introduced eTruck, an integrated mobile communications system aimed at the LTL and private fleet market.
The new system revolves around Kinetic's PC/Piranha, a Windows-compatible onboard computer with available touch-screen and full-color display. Kinetic claims PC/Piranha is the first onboard computer built to run applications on the Windows CE operating system from Microsoft.
The eTruck software allows drivers and dispatch to exchange messages over the Sprint PCS system. Dispatch messages are displayed on the PC/Piranha dash-mounted display.
Dispatch sees driver messages on a PC running web browsing software. Driver positions are displayed using mapping software from MapQuest, the well-known Internet mapping company. Daily reports on driver performance are available to the customer on the web site.
Because the PC/Piranha can be linked to the engine computer through a J1708 interface, dispatch can monitor truck performance, driver hours and fuel tax mileage. Because the software is Windows compatible, most data can be downloaded into standard office programs, such as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.