American Mobile of Reston, VA, has released MobileMAX2, a new mobile communications system in an easily installed, very compact shell that weighs less than 3 pounds. Despite its small size, the unit contains a satellite transceiver, a GPS receiver, omnidirectional antennas, an integrated engine monitor and modem.
Like earlier American Mobile systems, MobileMAX2 can communicate over both satellite and ground-based wireless systems, automatically selecting the least expensive alternative. But communication speeds are improved on the ground side with a new, faster modem. Coverage is virtually universal.
The new MobileMAX2 keyboard/display allows drivers to use predefined forms for quick, efficient communication. It can also interact with various handheld devices like those frequently used by LTL and private fleets.
According to American Mobile, MobileMAX2 can be installed in 40 percent less time than previous models and its software can be economically updated in the field. The new equipment is completely compatible with previous multi-mode systems from American Mobile such as the Pro2000 series, so customers need not alter current dispatch software.