More than 200 fleets have already registered at, the interactive web site which allows fleets to report their experiences at loading and unloading facilities throughout the U.S.
The web site was created by CompuNet Credit Services in conjunction with the Truckload Carriers Assn. and is available through the end of the year at no charge to users.
"CompuNet dock report is a great first step in the effort to find a solution to the dock delays which currently plague our industry," according to Lana Batts, president of TCA. "Once compiled, this type of data will be extremely valuable to trucking companies. It will help with scheduling of equipment and manpower, assist with setting rates and fees, and help with driver retention because carriers will get their drivers back on the road faster."
Fleets can visit the site at, register and begin sharing information. Cindy Aldridge, president of CompuNet Credit Services, pointed out that the companies posting the information are not identified. "CompuNet will know the identity of the companies, and those who post information will attest to the accuracy of their data; however, the name of the company posting the report will be protected, unless they choose otherwise."
"We realize that carriers need to protect their business relationships, but we also know that problems connot be solved unless they are brought to the fore. We believe that upper management at the shipper and receiver locations will want to know if their docks are considered a 'least favorite' location to serve. After all, they can't correct a problem if they don't know it exits," Aldridge added.
A study commmissioned by the TCA reports that dock inefficiencies are costing the industry $1.5 billion a year.
The web site compiles information on the facilities, atmosphere, paperwork handling and ancillary charges drivers encounter at docks. It was designed primarily to reduce wait time and subsequent driver turnover.
For more information, visit the web site or call CompuNet and speak to Greg at (800) 872-3748, Ext. 201.