Mitsubishi Fuso ranked highest in dealer service and tied with UD Trucks for the top product ranking among COE truck customers in the J.D. Power & Associates' 1999 Medium Duty Truck Customer Satisfaction Study. Peterbilt ranked highest in overall customer satisfaction among conventional medium duty truck customers.
The study was based on interviews with 2,780 primary maintainers of 2-year-old Class 5-7 trucks. It analyzed customer satisfaction with vehicle performance, product quality, interior and exterior design, dealer service, dealer parts and manufacturer image.
The company said Peterbilt ranked significantly above the overall industry average and other manufacturers in the conventional product index and received top rankings for 16 of 32 satisfaction measures. GMC Truck and Kenworth also ranked above the industry average.
Both Mitsubishi Fuso and UD Trucks tied for the highest rating in the COE vehicle performance factor. Mitsubishi Fuso led for vehicle downtime, warranty, design and styling features. UD topped the rankings on the drivetrain factor. Isuzu also came in slightly above average in the performance category.
Mitsubishi Fuso ranked first for service satisfaction and led all service index factors, including speed jobs are completed, fairness in scheduling service, courteous treatement, attitude towards warranty, and availability of proper tools and equipment. International and Chevrolet were also above average in service satisfaction.