Sabre Inc., Burlington, MA, has introduced OptiYield RT, a real-time version of its established OptiYield business analysis software for truckload carriers.
OptiYield examines a company's business experience and helps distinguish profitable from unprofitable operations. Among other things, OptiYield can target rate increases on a lane-by-lane or shipper-by-shipper basis rather than across the board. It can also assess the profitability of specific accounts and help distinguish operational from pricing problems.
The new OptiYield RT -- the RT stands for real time -- takes the business analysis tool a major step forward into daily operations, allowing load bookers to accept or reject tendered freight on the spot. When a customer calls with a load, the software considers the past experience of that account, including profitability, then recommends acceptance or rejection of the load based on a number of operational parameters.
If a marginally profitable load is offered at 11 am, for example, OptiYield can assess the likelihood of a more profitable load in the same area being offered later in the day. Sabre claims that OptiYield RT offers users a "five to six percent annual yield improvement."
OptYield RT requires a Pentium-grade PC and only applies to truckload fleets of more than 200 units. Based on the size of the fleet, OptiYield costs approximately $150 per truck unless purchased in a bundle including other Sabre products.