American Mobile Satellite Corp. is offering a new leasing program to make its wireless data communications affordable for small and medium-sized trucking fleets.

The program is offered through Lease Corporation of America in conjunction with AMSC's recent launch of its MobileMAX2 multi-mode data messaging system. Starting at $89 per month, the program is 40% lower than competitor pricing for similar programs, says the company.
Under the terms of the bundled lease, customers will receive MobileMAX2 hardware, monthly service, a network communications connection, software, and cabling for a comprehensive vehicle monitoring system. The package also includes a quantity of Automatic Vehicle Location reports, a five-year software license and a five-year equipment maintenance warranty.
MobileMAX2, introduced at the American Trucking Assns.' management conference earlier this month in Orlando, FL, combines both land-based and satellite technology. MobileMAX2 is housed in one small, easily installed unit that communicates at higher modem speeds over a terrestrial data network. The new product, like the old, also works via high-orbit satellite, providing OmniTRACS-style coverage, but with the ability to switch seamlessly between the two modes, automatically selecting the least expensive, according to company officials.