New, stricter testing procedures will make it harder for some people to get a commercial driver's license in Illinois.

Under new rules issued by Secretary of State Jesse White's office, applicants will no longer be able to get assistance from translators to fill out applications, wording on the test will be changed on a regular basis, a three-fail limit has been implemented, and out-of-state drivers must now pass an Illinois CDL test before getting an Illinois license.
In addition, a loophole that allowed some applicants to get a learner's permit even after failing a portion of the test will be closed. Learner's permits will now be valid for just a year.
In a pilot project, automated CDL testing machines will be installed in five Chicago area driver license facilities.
The changes come in the wake of a federal probe into a license-for-bribe scheme, as well as the Bourbonnais Amtrak crash where the truck driver was found to have been driving on a conditional license despite numerous citations.