As the federal government’s proposed new hours of service regulations wind their way through the tedious review process at the Department of Transportation, the American Trucking Assns. has made it clear what it wants.

The Board of Directors voted at the the ATA annual meeting for 14 hours of work time and 10 hours off duty to give drivers a 24-hour clock that would onform with circadian rhythms.
The ATA proposal would eliminate the current distinction between driving time and other non-driving work time. ATA would also limit drivers to 70 work hours over seven days.
The association also asks that the DOT give carriers additional regulatory and operational flexibility if they develop and follow fatigue/alertness management programs.
The 14-on/10-off schedule is similar to what knowledgeable sources say is contained in the federal hours-of-service proposal. Although DOT officials continue to say they hope to publish the proposal by the end of the year, Office of Motor Carrier Safety head Julie Cirillo told Newport editors during the ATA convention it may not happen until next year.