The Office of Motor Carriers Safety will hold a public meeting November 9 to discuss railroad-highway grade crossing crashes involving commercial motor vehicles.

Specifically, OMCS wants to discuss crashes in which trucks were struck by trains because the vehicle was stopped before clearing the track.
In 1998 about 27% of motor vehicle/train crashes involved commercial trucks. Of 431 fatalities, 74 involved commercial trucks. The 1994 Hazardous Materials Transportation Authorization Act contains a provision that orders changes in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that would prohibit drivers from moving onto a grade crossing if there isn’t sufficient space to clear the crossing before stopping. OMCS has proposed new rules to implement the mandate and has also asked state and local government for information regarding the number of rail crossings that lack sufficient clearance for drivers to comply.
OMCS wants a public meeting to establish dialogue among federal and state agencies, motor and rail carriers, safety groups and interested parties concerning practical approaches for reducing truck/train crashes. Participants will include the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration.
The meeting will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Room 2230 Nassif Building, DOT Headquarters, 400 Seventh St. SW, Washington, DC. For more information contact David Lehrman, Office of Motor Carrier Safety, (202) 366-0994. Additional information can also be found in the meeting announcement published in the Oct. 29 Federal Register available on the internet at