The U.S. Department of Transportation has hit the Internet, big time. You can now register with the department, apply for operating authority and even pay fines on the World Wide Web directly from your PC.

The new DOT web site is at The "diy" stands for "do it yourself." For now, the site offers services from The Office of Motor Carrier and Highway Safety as well as the National Highway Institute. According to postings at the site, the U.S. Coast Guard and the Federal Aviation Administration will soon participate.
At the OMCHS page, truckers can fill out authority applications on line or download and print the forms for submission by mail. You can also pay outstanding fines using a credit card. Insurance companies and agents can pay filing fees at the site.
Among the applications available are those for Motor Property Carrier and Broker, for Motor Passenger Carrier and for Freight Forwarder Authority. Each of those applications requires payment of $300. You can also apply for a name change, an address change or license reinstatement.
The site was created for the DOT by the Oracle Corp. of Redwood, CA, and is modeled on the software company's internet shopping systems, including an on-line "shopping cart" and checkout section.