The Teamsters union said Friday it would accept Overnite Transportation's offer of a nationwide vote on union representation - but only if Overnite agreed to numerous demands.

Just two days earlier, Overnite Transportation called on the Teamsters to allow workers to decide their own fate in a company-wide vote on union representation. "We are confident, if given the chance, that the overwhelming majority of our employees will tell the Teamsters they support Overnite's current direction," said Overnite Chairman and CEO Leo Suggs. "It is time for the Teamsters to let the democratic process proceed."
The company's offer, originally made last year, comes as the Teamsters are threatening a nationwide unfair labor practices strike after five years trying to organize the less-than-truckload company.
The Teamsters released a statement Friday saying they welcome the concept of a nationwide vote - under certain conditions. Among them, the Teamsters demand that the company fully recognize the 37 terminals the union claims to currently represent, withdrawing all election appeals. The union also demands to six debates between Suggs and Teamster President James Hoffa, to be sent by live satellite to workers at the remaining 129 terminals.
The Teamsters want the election votes to be tabulated terminal by terminal, with the majority vote at each terminal deciding whether that facility will be represented by the union.