The government of Ontario, Canada, is making plans to improve Highway 401 in the wake of a deadly 80-vehicle pileup two weeks ago that killed eight people.

Friday, Ontario officials announced that up to 22 provincial police officers will be added to the detachment near Chatham, in southern Ontario. The plan also calls for 21 truck inspectors on the highway between Windsor and London - a stretch where nearly two dozen people have died this year.
The plan also calls for highway upgrades such as paved outside shoulders, rumble strips and better markings. The $5 million paving plan is set to begin in 2001. Critics say that's not fast enough.
A Transportation Ministry report released Friday said that 34% of the crashes on the 400-mile Chatham-to-Kent stretch involved trucks.
A Detroit couple plans to sue the Canadian government and local governments over the fatal crash, which authorities have blamed on dense fog, poor visibility and driver error.