A federal investigation of commercial driver's license selling in Illinois has spread from the state's official license offices to outside contractors that give CDL road tests.

Earlier this week, a federal grand jury charged two men with payoffs in exchange for driver's licenses under the program.
David Jans, of Levittown, PA, a former bus company safety officer, and Waitung "Tony" Chan, 50, of suburban Darien, were charged with bribery and extortion conspiracy.
Chan, owner of Advance Driving School in Chicago, was accused of paying Jans from $100 to $300 apiece for certifying more than 20 of Chan's students as having passed their road tests. But according to the indictment, the tests were never given.
In addition, Jans was not qualified to administer the road test. The third-party certification program allows companies to test only their own employees or prospective employees.
So far, five former managers or assistant managers of secretary of state licensing facilities in Melrose Park and McCook are among 11 defendants convicted of involvement in driver's license selling in the investigation.