U.S. trucking companies aren't the only ones experiencing a driver shortage. The trucking industry in the Canadian province of Quebec last week issued an appeal for 2,400 new truck drivers.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the Association du Cammionnage du Quebec (Quebec Trucking Assn.) released the results of a recent poll of 237 Montreal trucking companies. The survey says there are openings for 2,380 truck drivers, if they could find them.
The association wants the provincial government to open new driver training schools. It says the two existing schools are capable of producing only 500 new truck drivers a year. The alternative is to recruit new drivers from private truck driving schools, some of which have very bad reputations, according to the association.
Canadian trucking companies say part of the problem is that deregulation of the trucking industry has caused driver wages to fall back to 1987 levels.