HighwayMaster and ProMiles Software Development Corp. have released the ProMiles 99 routing software integration with HighwayMaster's Series 5000 mobile communications system.

The Series 5000 provides both voice and data communications, combined with precise positioning through GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology. Optional features include EngineMaster for engine performance monitoring, MileMaster for turnkey automated fuel tax reporting, and Rolling ETA for real-time, on-board, estimated-time-of-arrival calculations.
"The ProMiles integration offers our customers a cost-effective solution for viewing their tractors' status and location down to the street level, as well as the ability to easily send the route directions and fuel purchase plans to the drivers -- all through the HighwayMaster system," said Michelle Wilde, HighwayMaster's Series 5000 product line director. "ProMiles 99 is the ideal choice for the integration, since it is one of the most comprehensive and competitively priced routing systems available today."
ProMiles 99 is a mileage database in North America with over 805,000 miles of truck-usable roads and 965,000 accessible locations.