Roadway Express has put its E-Z Export system on the Internet, allowing the LTL carrier to offer shippers the ability to complete customs documentation online.

Ten years ago, Roadway developed E-Z Export, a single document that combines the basic international documentation required to ship between the U.S. and Mexico and the U.S. and Canada.
By accessing Roadway's web site at and clicking on the Mexico section, shippers can prepare a bill of lading and commercial invoice (the documents required for most shipments moving from the U.S. into Mexico) in one step. These documents are simultaneously created when the form is completed. If desired, the user can store these files on his own computer as a .pdf file, which lets the user file, print, or fax the documents.
Two copies of the documents will automatically be printed. One is for the shipper, and the other is for the carrier to accompany the shipment.