Three high-speed truck chases in the last week prompted the California Highway Patrol to issue a press release condemning the "irresponsible" behavior.

The CHP has been targeting truck speed in an effort to reduce the number of collisions caused by big rigs. The third truck chase, on I-80 during morning rush hour, happened when officers tried to stop a rig that was allegedly traveling 65 mph, 10 mph faster than the truck speed limit of 55. The 50-mile chase started in Solano County just after 6 a.m. and ended at Watt Avenue and Jackson Highway in Sacramento. The driver has since been fired by his company.
The driver is the third trucker in a week who has ignored the CHP when a patrol unit has signaled them to stop.
"This kind of reckless behavior is completely irresponsible," says CHP Commissioner D.O. Helmick. "When you're talking about the driver of an 80,000-pound vehicle refusing to pull over on a crowded freeway, the potential for death and injury is extremely high."
The CHP is working with the California Trucking Assn. to determine if legislative changes should be recommended to the governor. Joel Anderson, executive vice president of the association, says the group finds the behavior of the truckers completely unacceptable.