The Teamsters union reports more progress in its ongoing campaign to organize Overnite Transportation.

Workers at Overnite's Syracuse, NY, terminal filed an election petition for Teamster representation.
Earlier this month, workers at Overnite's Laredo, TX, terminal also filed a petition for Teamster representation. The election is scheduled for Sept. 2. The Teamsters Local has filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board for what it says are numerous election violations by Overnite in Laredo.
"From Laredo, TX, to Syracuse, NY, this campaign is gaining momentum," says John Murphy, Teamsters director of organizing.
Not all Overnite drivers are happy at the prospect. "We at Overnite do not want or need the assistance of the Teamsters to do what we have done for over 60 years," says Thomas Hawks, an Overnite driver from Tennessee. Hawks says Teamsters organizers have threatened Overnite drivers and their families in their zeal to unionize the company. "Some of the striking drivers for the company even followed the working drivers and tried to cut them off in traffic," he says.