TruckerFest '99, sponsored by RoadStar magazine and The Alamo Travel Plaza, continues today at The Alamo in Reno/Sparks, NV.

Yesterday, exhibits were open under a tent so large it can be seen from the air, while truckers ate free steak dinners under another tent. Truckers shined their rigs for the truck beauty competition judging, which takes place today. Throughout the afternoon, competitors in Newport's Trucker Games played musical hay bales, balloon toss and other games, with each contestant getting a free Trucker Games T-shirt and the winners receiving prizes.
The day was capped off by a free, truckers-only outdoor concert by Waylon Jennings. Although Jennings has been in poor health and had to perform while seated, he joked with the crowd. "How many truckers do we have in the crowd?" he asked. A roar went up. He told them that his wife was one of those women four-wheelers truckers love to hate - speeding up on the uphills, slowing down on the downhills.
Marcia Campbell, "America's Trucking Sweetheart" on the Interstate Radio Network, signed autographs at the RoadStar booth. She and Dave Nemo from the Road Gang were on hand to do live remotes of their overnight trucking shows from The Alamo..
TruckerFest '99 continues today, with exhibits, more trucker games, a trucker's pet contest, a truck light show, more free steak dinners, and a fireworks extravaganza. The event continues through Sunday at 1 p.m. For more information, visit