The National Labor Relations Board has dismissed a decertification petition filed by Overnite Transportation's St. Louis terminal. It's the ninth one, and the Teamsters union says it is preparing for a national strike against the company.

On July 26, employees of Overnite's St. Louis Service Center filed a petition with the NLRB indicating that "a substantial number of employees assert that the certified or currently recognized bargaining representative is no longer their representative."
On August 5, the Teamsters announced that the NLRB had dismissed the petition. The union alleges that people who did not even work for the company signed the petition, and that Overnite, despite federal law prohibiting it from participating in decertification campaigns, engineered the petition along with eight previous ones, also dismissed by the labor board.
"Overnite is staring down a short barrel at a nationwide strike," says John Murphy, Teamsters international director of organizing. The union says Overnite workers are preparing for a nationwide unfair labor practices strike at all 166 Overnite terminals if Overnite "does not alter its unlawful bad faith bargaining posture." In early July, Teamsters picketed 11 terminals for five days.