Forty-five years of a truckstop legacy came to a close recently at Kelly's Truck Terminal in Shreveport, LA.

Kelly's owners, D.A. Kelly Jr. and Marshan Kelly Fox, sold the 45-year-old truckstop to Staggers Oil Co. of Marshall, TX.
Kelly's Truck Terminal was established in 1952 on Highway 80 in Bossier City, LA, by D.A. Kelly Sr. In 1969, Kelly's opened on I-20 in Shreveport. In 1978, the senior Kelly died, and his son took over the truckstop. A third generation, Brian Kelly, became general manager in 1992.
The truckstop started out as Pure Oil's newest pride and joy west of the Mississippi, and through the years saw its sign change to Union 76, Unocal, and National Auto/Truckstops. But they never changed the familiar "truckstop" logo on the sign.