Eighteen of the most electronically sophisticated vehicles ever developed - including several heavy trucks - will be part of a special Intelligent Transportation Systems demonstration next Monday in Ohio.

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America, in conjunction with ITS Ohio and the Transportation Research Center, is holding the demonstration at the research center's test facility in East Liberty. Participants are expected to come from around the world to see, ride, and drive many of these vehicles.
Monday, July 26, will be dedicated to "hands-on" demonstrations for the press. Also attending the test track activities that day will be automotive technology developers, public officials, researchers, trucking companies and bus transit officers. Two days of technical sessions will follow.
Among the technologies to be demonstrated are a 360-degree collision warning system for trucks; lane tracking to warn drivers if they're drifting off the road; a Freightliner with electronic brakes, forward collision warning and adaptive cruise control; the Federal Highway Administration's Technology Truck; and a Volvo truck with drowsy driver sending capability, longitudinal-lateral control and advanced communications.