In a story posted July 2, there was an error in a report that C.R. England, Salt Lake City, was upping its driver pay. ("C.R. England Ups Driver Pay,"

There was a typographical error in one sentence, which should have read: "Under the new pay scale, effective August 1, drivers with up to four months of experience earn 24 cents per mile. Five to eight months is 25 cents per mile. Nine to 12 months is 26 cents per mile."
C.R. England has released some additional information about their pay since that story was written. The pay increase is as much as 30% in some cases.
An analysis of last year's W-2 payroll forms shows that some England solo drivers are making as much as $60,000 a year, with trainers making as much as $90,000 and team drivers as much as $105,000.
"This isn't one or two drivers, it's a good percentage of them," says Lee Cohen, vice president of administration. "With the pay raise, we figure they're going to do better than that. Especially on teams."
England plans to grow in the team freight segment of the industry. Long-haul team drivers will make 29 cents per mile the first four months. That rises to 31 cents per mile from 5-8 months, 34 cents per mile for 9-12 months, 34.5 cents for a year to 19 months, and 35 cents per mile between 18 months and two years. The pay rises to a maximum of 40 cents per mile after seven years. The previous pay program started out at 26.5 cents per mile and rose to a maximum of 33.5 cents per mile after 10 years.
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