Contract talks scheduled to start Tuesday between the Teamsters and Overnite Transportation have been delayed until Wednesday, July 21. Overnite says it needed more time to complete research the union asked for; the Teamsters say it's because of last week's strike.

Teamsters President James Hoffa asked striking workers at 11 Overnite terminals to go back to work last Friday after a walkout that began Monday, July 5. However, a report in the Kansas City Star indicates that Overnite has not called back many workers.
Overnite and the union disagree about the effects of last week's action protesting unfair labor practices. Overnite insists that the strike did not keep it from serving its customers, as it used replacement workers and employees who crossed picket lines. The Teamsters say the walkout created a significant disruption. Phil Young, the Teamsters' national freight director, told the Star that Overnite has not called back hundreds of drivers who walked out last week, especially at the Kansas City, Memphis and Indianapolis terminals. The failure of Overnite to call back these workers is an indication that the carrier's business has not returned to normal levels, he says.
The Teamsters have been trying to organize Overnite for nearly five years.