The former manager of an Illinois truck licensing facility pleaded guilty last week in a commercial license-selling scheme, while nearly 200 more truckers have to retake their tests this week or lose their CDLs.

Marion Seibel, who was manager of the McCook, IL, license office, pleaded guilty Thursday to a single racketeering conspiracy charge, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. She admitted using the CDL bribes to raise more than $82,000 for her boss, George Ryan, who at that time was secretary of state and is now governor.
Seibel has agreed to fully cooperate in the ongoing license-selling probe. Prosecutors have recommended an 18-month sentence. Five others connected to the McCook scheme were indicted in April. Seibel is the third to plead guilty.
Meanwhile, a group of drivers licensed at a second Illinois license facility under investigation has been ordered to retake written exams this week. Federal investigators have come up with a list of 195 truckers licensed at the Melrose Park facility, who must take a written test this week or lose their license.
There is no fee, and it is the written test only. Truckers will have only one chance to pass, says David Drucker, a spokesman for the secretary of state's office, which oversees licensing.
These are not the first truckers to have to retake their tests in the wake of this scandal. So farm, more than 3,000 drivers licensed in Illinois have been forced to retake their tests. "The first week of May, we sent letters to 230 people come back and take the exam," Drucker says. "158 appeared, so we cancelled the CDLs of the 72 people who did not appear. Of the 158 who showed up, 102 passed everything."