A proposed trucker shutdown that was scheduled to begin at noon July 5 appears to have fizzled.

Two Idaho brothers, Roy and Randy Powell, tried to organize a strike through the Internet. Their demands were the elimination of split speed limits, lane restrictions and higher fines for truckers.
Newport reporters on the road reported no signs of a shutdown, no royal blue ribbons flying from mirrors as urged by the organizers. Drivers asked about the strike typically had either never heard of it, thought it had been cancelled, or didn't agree with the issues set forth by the Powell brothers. Some drivers did stay home, but it doesn't appear to have had any effect.
"I'm sitting at home today, been in since July 3," says one trucker on an Internet bulletin board. "I called other owner-operator friends, and it seems everyone is still running. There is no organization or updated info to keep us informed of the progress of this strike. If I don't get any info on what's happening out there, then I will be back running July 7."