Utah-based C.R. England last week announced the largest driver pay increase in the company's history.

For drivers with two years of experience or less, pay goes up faster. Before, a solo driver with less than one year of experience earned 22 cents per mile. Under the new pay scale, effective August 1, drivers with up to four months of experience earn 24 cents per mile. Five to eight months is 25 cents per mile. Nine to 12 months is 26 cents per mile.
However, in an effort to get drivers to stay with the company through at least their first year, until the end of the fourth month, the company keeps 3 cents per mile. After he completes four months with the company, the driver gets the accumulated withholding. From five months to one year, the company withholds 2 cents per mile, with the driver receiving the amount due at the end of eight months and at the end of a year.
Between one year and 18 months of experience pays 27 cents per mile; 18 months to two years is 27.5 cents per mile. That compares to 24 cents per mile under the old pay scale for drivers with one to two years of experience.
For drivers with more experience, pay is 2 to 3 cents higher than previously.
Part of the increase is actually the inclusion of a 1-cent-per mile safety performance bonus. The mileage bonus has changed from 1 cent per mile at 10,000 miles (paid for all miles) to 3 cents per mile for every mile over 10,000 in any calendar month.