By next year, all California Highway Patrol units will be using radar to enforce speed limits, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Although radar has long been used for speed limit enforcement in most states, for years, California did not use it. Although the CHP was never barred by law from using radar, the Legislature never provided money to buy the equipment. There was also a long-standing agreement between the CHP and the governor's office not to use it.
That began to change last year after concerns arose about speeding way above the 65-mph limit. At the same time, the CHP began using federal grant money to buy radar units. Currently, 61% of CHP's 2,100 cruisers are equipped with radar. The plan calls for all the cruisers and motorcycles eventually to have radar, as well.
Since the first of the year, the CHP has issued about 22,000 speeding citations based on radar on I-15 and I-5 alone. According to the LA Times, the high-visibility enforcement has resulted in average speeds dropping significantly on the two highways.