A New Jersey businessman wants to build a Burger King and Citgo gas station-convenience store just north of a Route 287 interchange near Wanaque, NJ. But at a Planning Board hearing last week, nearby residents spoke out against the plan.

As the Bergen Record reported, "the vision of trucks, buses, cars and recreational vehicles pulling in and out at all hours of the day and night did not sit well with a small group of neighbors."
Eric Mund is seeking approval for a subdivision to create three lots, one for each element of his proposed facility, plus a third that he hopes would eventually be home to a franchise family-style restaurant.
David Slater, a member of the Planning Board, criticized the proposed layout of the facilities. With experience as a truck and bus driver, Slater said the parking lots won't be big enough to accommodate the large vehicles that would want to stop there. Many truckers take Route 287 trying to avoid the bottleneck of New York City and the George Washington bridge.
Neighbors were also concerned about the loss of the lot's tall pine trees and possible litter problems.
The issue will be further discussed at a special public meeting on June 30.