More than 550 truck drivers who attended a Michigan truck driving school will have to retake their commercial driver's license tests after an investigation showed the tests were being sloppily administered, if at all.

The Escanaba Truck Driving in Menominee County was allowing unauthorized people to test drivers - and in some cases, selling certificates without testing drivers at all. The problems were uncovered by an 11-month investigation by the Secretary of State's office.
The school will pay up to $120,000 to have drivers retested at other schools by Sept. 1. The state has revoked the school's testing license for 10 years. The licenses of several instructors have been suspended or revoked. Some instructors could be charged with felonies for issuing licenses without a test.
The company says even though it won't be offering license testing, it will continue to teach truck driving courses. The company offers three- and four-week driving classes.