A truck driver and two license examiners were arrested and charged last week with running a scheme to sell passing scores on commercial driver's license exams in Ohio.

It will be several weeks before investigators determine how many licenses were sold, but they plan to track those drivers down and make them take the tests for real. The number could run from the dozens into the hundreds.
Trucker Kenneth Hairston was charged with two counts of bribery. Cathy Farmer was charged with one count of bribery, and Teresa Taylor was charged with tampering with records. Farmer and Taylor were license examiners in Whitehall, OH.
An undercover officer gave Hairston $800 to get a CDL, according to investigators. Hairston took the trooper to the licensing office, where it is believed he paid some of the money to one or more of the examiners.
Without taking a test, the undercover officer got the paperwork and passing grades he needed to get his CDL. Investigators seized records from the state and from two of the suspects' homes.