Kenworth has added a tool called "Visual Search" to the electronic parts catalog used by Kenworth parts departments. This tool uses "hot spots" on Kenworth line drawings of a truck to identify the parts requested by the customer. The parts salesperson simply clicks on a particular section of the truck to find specific parts listings in that area. The system also lets you click through progressively more specific images to pinpoint the right parts.
There are two viewing options: an outside view for parts or systems such as air intake, bumper, hoods, wheels, tires, exhaust, fifth wheel, sleeper and cab; and a frame view for parts or systems such as cooling, axle, suspension, brakes, engine, transmission and steering.
In addition, Kenworth has automated the process of getting parts price and availability information. Previously, Kenworth parts department personnel had to write down the part number, access their dealership business system and manually check the part's price and availability. Now, after finding the part from the electronic parts catalog, Kenworth parts salespeople click on a price and availability button to get that information via a direct link into the dealership business system.