Federal Highway Administrator Kenneth Wykle today kicked off the fourth annual International Highway Transportation Safety Week, June 1-5.

The Safety Week several years ago replaced "RoadCheck," an annual 72-hour inspection crackdown on trucks and buses. While many states still focus more on inspections this week, the overall focus now is broader.
The theme this year, "Sign On for Safety," continues a practice established by Secretary of Transportation Rodney Slater earlier this year during the Department of Transportation-sponsored National Transportation Safety Conference. "Sign On for Safety" pledge cards will be distributed throughout the nation at safety events this week requesting all Americans, not just commercial drivers, to follow the lead set at the safety conference.
International Highway Transportation Safety Week is organized by the Federal Highway Administration, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and the American Assn. of State Highway and Transportation Officials.
During the week, federal, state and private-sector groups sponsor safety events highlighting issues such as sharing the road, driver fatigue, seat belts, commercial driver health issues and work-zone driving safety.