Kentucky will be the first of four states to test an infrared imaging device to inspect commercial trucks in a two-year pilot project.

In ceremonies launching National Transportation Week, Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater Monday joined transportation officials from Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee in announcing the program.
The project is jointly funded by the U.S. DOT's Federal Highway Administration and a four-state consortium. FHWA provided $270,000 for the Infrared Inspection System. The state consortium is paying nearly $136,000 for operational, personnel and training costs.
The IRISystem is designed to detect faulty brakes as well as exhaust leaks, over-inflated tires, hot wheel bearings and other mechanical problems. Faulty brakes are the most frequently cited inspection violation.
The imaging is designed to allow inspectors to focus on trucks and buses with faulty brakes. The screening will take place at highway speed, freeing other vehicles from having to stop for time-consuming random brake roadside inspections.