The number of truckers cited for overweight loads in Virginia has dropped dramatically. But critics say it's because of poor enforcement, not because truckers are complying with weight limits.

State enforcement crews issued an average of 361 citations a month for overweight trucks in 1996. Between January and March of this year, only 91 citations were issued per month, reports the Associated Press.
The highway commissioner transferred crews from southern West Virginia counties to weigh stations on the interstates in September 1998. However, only a small percentage of trucks traveling the interstates are overweight, says Cameron Lewis, director of weight enforcement for the Division of Highways.
In West Virginia, the gross weight limit is 80,000 pounds on the interstates. On other state-controlled highways, maximum legal limits range from 65,000 pounds on county roads to 73,500 pounds on roads such as state Route 61. State records show that violations typically exceed legal weight limits between 5,000 pounds and 30,000 pounds.