The Michigan Secretary of State is investigating a private driver's license exam center accused of selling passing grades to people who did not even take road tests — including commercial driver's licenses.

Because of the ongoing investigation, Secretary of State Spokeswoman Liz Boyd told the Associated Press she couldn't give details of the case. She confirmed that an unknown number of drivers on the road may not be qualified, but called it an "isolated problem."
Owners of the Novi center, called Titanus Cement Wall Co., are cooperating with the investigation, but their exam office will be closed until the probe is complete. Investigators seized the company's records and shut it down in December.
Titanus co-owner Phillip Vincenti said David Mills, a state-certified driving examiner who worked for the company, told him Dec. 23 that he had sold fake exam papers. Eight days later, after Mills had been questioned by investigators, he committed suicide.
Mills' ex-wife, Holley, said he told her late last year he sold 40 bogus truck driver and automobile exam papers. She said he told her that the truck documents were sold for $400 each, and fake auto road-test exams with a passing grade went for $45.
Anyone proven to have a license obtained illegally will lose the license and be prosecuted, Boyd said. Filing a fraudulent license application is a five-year felony.