The Teamsters union filed a national unfair labor practices charge against Overnite Transportation for allegedly violating the National Labor Relations Act.

The union alleges that since mid-March, at 21 certified Teamsters-represented Overnite terminals, Overnite has threatened to take back wage and mileage rate increases and to deduct from employees' paychecks money already received as a result of those increases. The Teamsters say these threats were made to intimidate and coerce employees from supporting the union.
The Teamsters also says Overnite is waging a decertification campaign. In recent weeks, the company has announced that a "substantial number of employees" at its Grand Rapids, MI, and Saginaw, MI, service centers have filed petitions with the National Labor Relations Board to decertify the Teamsters as their bargaining representative.
The Teamsters says these press releases are "a fraudulent attempt by Overnite management to make it appear that there has been a change of heart regarding Teamster representation."
"There is no decertification campaign at any Overnite terminal that has even a remote chance of success," said Teamsters President James P. Hoffa. The Teamsters point out that Overnite's petition to seek decertification of Teamster representation at the Sacramento, CA, terminal was given a "final dismissal, without provision for reinstatement," by the National Labor Relations Board.
To date, the Teamsters say, they represent about 45% of Overnite's approximately 8,200 dock workers and drivers at 38 Overnite terminals. Of those 38 terminals, 21 have been certified by the National Labor Relations Board, four are awaiting certification, four have been awarded bargaining orders and nine have bargaining order complaints pending.